Get men 55+ to fight the m*lk establishment.


We see them all as old grumps, lacking of polictical correctness, fetischists of “the good ol’ days”, wearing beige ill-fitting suits and discussing their manly hobbies on online forums. It’s impossible to change the rigid mind of men 55+.

They haven’t always been like this. Not all of them. Once they was the angriest and most badass fuckers around, they spat on the mainstream and went the other way. They were the furious ones who kicked from below, and then was forced into suits and carry a briefcase.

The Oatpunk campaign is speaking to the former punks and awakening who they are on the inside. After fighting the establishment when they where young, make them take the fight against the m*lk establishment this time. Basically saying if the men 55+ had been young today, they would drink oat milk.


Placed some M55+ on the holiest of places: The back of the (oat)milk. What an honor.
I found some more or less prominent M55+ talking about their punk past.


Speak to them in a language they know. Punk lyrics, sort of.
If you’re under 55 take a listen to the original songs:

Men 55+ loves forums. They talk about their boats, WWII, chess and gore tex with other men.
So now there’s one for the M55+ punks.

A customized oat milk colored blazer. Wear it in a meeting with the big boss.
Only the M55+ know who they are on the inside wearing this suit. Sneaky rebelliousness.