M ( V O L V O )

Make people ditch the “Villa Volvo Vovve”


An average car is parked 90% of the time, and in Stockholm, people spend 30 minutes every day searching for a parking spot. Cars are one of our biggest environmental threats today, but still, people in Sweden keep owning private cars. Sunfleet, Sweden’s largest carpool service and owned by Volvo Cars, offers cars-on-demand in over 50 cities in Sweden. Basically, you get all the perks of having a car without all the dragging of owning one. Now Sunfleet is now about to rebrand into M, and with that, they wanted us to answer the question: How can we change people’s mindset regarding private car ownership?

Volvo’s brand is charged with everything M isn’t; the safe and sound, or may we say rather boring, Villa, Volvo, Vovve lifestyle. M wants the opposite. But how to make people understand that the private-owned relationship we have to cars today no longer is the ideal? We say it is done by provoking the holiest of unions: The Twosome. Monogamy is dead; it’s time to move freely. A revolting launching campaign with one single purpose: to break up with the monogamous relationship to the car.


An introductory film of the concept Monogamy is Dead.


Part 1 of the launch. Volvo cars out on the streets in both urban and suburban areas will be painted with bright red paint.

Part 2 of the launch. Volvo’s regular OOH will be vandalised with paint.


The swinger key bowl is an example of how the concept could be communicated on social media.


It all began with exitment. Butterflies.
The adventure up ahead. Me and you forever.
Everything seemed so easy,
like you finally had all you ever dreamed of.

But then. The commitment.
It didn’t take long before thing started to get a bit.. rusty.
The maintenance of it all just wasn’t as fun as they said it would be.
And finding time for eachother down the road just became more and more of a burden.
The feeling of being trapped grew. And the limitations.
Just you and me, forever? Sounds a bit square.

We say monogamy is dead.
It’s time to move freely.